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 Luggage allowance on seaplane

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PostSubject: Luggage allowance on seaplane   Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:00 am

Hi all
Just wondering about the luggage allowance on the sea plane. In previous years we have always been OK aiming for the 20kg hold luggage & 7kg hand luggage (give or take a bit).But this year I want to take a much stronger (and heavier) case for my dive kit. I have emailed TMA but there answer is rather ambiguous, according to them Komandoo will pick up the tab on any over laden passengers (within reason I imagine) but they are also saying that no single bag should weigh more than 20kg. My question is has any body ever pushed the envelope slightly & by how much.
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PostSubject: Re: Luggage allowance on seaplane   Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:05 pm

Hi HDs,

I know this is a somewhat late reply but did you ever get an answer on this one? We usually fly with Emirates whose standard luggage allowance is 30kg each. We usually take a case each, last time mine weighed 26kg plus hand luggage of 5kg, Tony's was 23kg plus hand luggage of 5kg, plus the dive kit which was packed seperately and weighed 15kg - and had no problem at all with excess luggage at the seaplane.

One thing we learned last time - they'll split the luggage if it's too heavy ie they'll send some bags on a later seaplane if the overall weight is more than they can take - it hadn't happened to us in previous years but last year we had to wait for our cases. No charge was made, it just meant we had to wait for our bags for a few hours to arrive on the next seaplane (apparently it tends to happen more if you're arriving on a Monday but I have no idea why that should be).

Hope this helps!
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Luggage allowance on seaplane
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